sxswi talk: Learning Interaction Design From Las Vegas

Dan Saffer had a pretty interesting analogy here- comparing Vegas to sites like My Space and eBay.

  • Vegas as an analogy for why seemingly “undesigned” sites seem to work
  • “Disorder is only an order we cannot see”
  • How does class affect design?
    • Want to go to Paris, without dealing with French
    • No more of 1 function per building, in Vegas, 1 building = everything
    • Less is more OR less is a bore and more is more
    • Don’t need an undo, you can’t break Las Vegas
  • The familiar, that is a little off, is strange and revealing
    • For example the statue of liberty at New York New York
  • Vegas understands User Experience
    • Oxygen, time unnecessary- ceilings painted like daytime sky
    • Vegas org around a pattern of activities, as is My Space= everything anyone might want to do on the web in one place
    • Tiered levels of functionality (slots vs high stakes poker)
    • Slots- how design at micro level
      • Specifc audience- women >55, disposable income= design decisions
      • Must be able to be seen by legally blind
      • Feedback for everything >400 dif sounds
  • We can overcome class divide using irony, sometimes we get too serious about what we do
    • Fun, bold, bright- learn from Vegas

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