Hello! I am Sarah Culberson, raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, born to Michele and Greg Culberson, sister to Andrew and Peter Culberson, working as a Principal Interaction Designer for LinkedIn, schooled at UCLA and Carnegie Mellon, currently residing in San Francisco, always a lover of salty food, board games, and coffee.

In college, my friends and I brainstormed many business ideas, and one of my funniest roles was to be the taste tester. I still aspire to that (well, kind of), and hopefully this site will be the first of many taste testing adventures. It is a fitting name for this weblog, as I plan to talk a bit about everything, at least everything I find interesting.

You can find me currently on the web at:
Flickr photostream
Linked In
Carnegie Mellon MHCI Alumni

I should NOT be confused with the other, and recently much more famous, Sarah Culberson.


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